Free Control Panel

If you have a Virtual Private Server, you need a fast and powerful instrument to control your website. That's where our absolutely free Web Hosting Control Panel comes into play. It has been made by us to be used together with our services, making it much quicker compared to competitive control panels. And since we made it for our services, we have been capable of making it quite easy to use, with no real learning curve.Apart from being user-friendly and uncomplicated, it’s furthermore set with capabilities which both hosting newbies and power users will take pleasure in. It is possible to flawlessly control your web sites and domain names from the exact same location, you are able to upload files directly with your Internet browser over a secure connection and you will have 100% control over your e-mail experience. Additionally, we have loaded a massive variety of software tools and bonuses which can help you have your site to a higher level. Free Control Panel

Full Root Access

If you have always needed more freedom in handling your worldwide web presence than a conventional shared web hosting account may provide you with, our OpenVZ virtual private servers are the solution for you. With each of our servers, you have the ability to update everything on your server - from minor changes of the Apache configuration, to setting up a new OS. All this is possible using the full root access you will have with all of the OpenVZ virtual private servers. To log in your server as the root user, you just need an SSH-enabled software, which you can acquire for almost any Internet-connected gadget. And don’t forget, should you have any questions for us, we're at your beck and call 24/7. Full Root Access

Weekly Data Backups

With Clinton W J Collins, you can at long last stop worrying regarding the security of your server. With the OpenVZ virtual private servers, your sites and web apps will be safe and sound - we don't just supply great security for our network and servers, but also automated backup copies a couple of times a week. Because of this no matter what you do, your server will have an up to date backup available, and you will be not more than only a few days from the most recent restore point. We'll back up the complete server, not only a selected part of it. Re-establishing it will only take a couple of moments. Weekly Data Backups
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  • The Virtual Private Servers from Clinton W J Collins can easily assist you improve your site. Discover more details on their main advantages.
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  • You can forget about hunting for the most recent version of applications like Joomla or WordPress. You can now install them all straight from your Site Control Panel.

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  • Have your SSL certificates installed automatically as soon as they are ready with Clinton W J Collins. We also offer Wildcard SSL certificates.

Data Center Choices

If you choose to go with the OpenVZ virtual private servers available from Clinton W J Collins, it is possible to choose your data center’s position. Picking the right data center location can have an important impact over your website’s overall performance and also the browsing experience of your website visitors - a data center closer to them will allow your website to perform faster for them. When your web site is located around the globe from your target audience, your website visitors will see slower loading speed.Here, you're able to choose from a US data center, in Chicago, a UK data center outside of London and an AU data center, located in the core of Sydney. Every data center offers you exceptional connectivity solutions, great hosting conditions plus a 99.9% network uptime warranty. Also, the price stays the same, no matter which data center you choose. Data Center Choices

Free Bonuses

Each of our OpenVZ virtual private servers contains a variety of free of cost bonuses. You'll receive an absolutely free dedicated IP address, that can help you make your web site easily distinguishable, by adding a much needed layer of individuality and which is required if you want to set up an SSL certificate for your website. If you are looking to promptly begin a business venture, you can check out our no charge reseller hosting tools - a domain name reseller account along with billing software. Having a combined worth of over $300.00 USD, they'll allow you to easily start your hosting business on your own.And don’t forget, all the control panel solutions we provide you with with our OpenVZ virtual private servers are loaded with their unique variety of zero cost bonuses, different for every CP. Free Bonuses

Unlimited Hosted Domains

Typically, if you run a virtual private server, you will need to work with a number of control panels - one for your server, one for your website and one for your domains. And that's just way too much. With us, you can easily host unlimited domains and take care of them from the exact same location you maintain your websites, quickly. In this way, it is possible to turn your OpenVZ virtual private server into the core of your online presence. Unlimited Hosted Domains
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  • .NET - C$24.51/year
  • .NETWORK - C$43.53/year
  • .REPAIR - C$51.31/year
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